Gabrielle Union Reveals the Superstitious Reason Why Dwyane Wade Got Her Initials Tattooed

Gabrielle Union is dishing on husband Dwyane Wade‘s latest tattoo. In honor of Gabrielle‘s 50th birthday earlier this month, Dwyane, 40, got her initials “GU” tattooed on his wrist next to his pre-existing heart tattoo. While appearing on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Wednesday (November 23), Gabrielle revealed the superstitious reason why Dwyane got her initials so small on his wrist. “He’s like, ‘I want us to work so I’m only getting your initials. I’m getting it super small,’” Gabrielle shared. The size of Dwyane‘s tattoo has become a “running joke” with their family, with Gabrielle noting that her “former spouse” Chris Howard got a “very large” arm tattoo of her first name in “distinct font,” but the two split in 2005 and later divorced. “[Dwyane]‘s superstitious? He’s afraid [that] if he gets the giant ‘Gabrielle’ you’re doomed?” Kelly asked Gabrielle. “He’s like, ‘I don’t need to learn that lesson so Imma just go the opposite direction,’” Gabrielle answered. Get the scoop on the new movie Gabrielle is developing with Eva Longoria!

Via: Just Jared