Jameela Jamil Reveals Why She Won't Retouch Her Photos

Jameela Jamil is opening up about her appearance. The 36-year-old She-Hulk actress made an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show on Thursday (September 22). During her appearance, Drew and Jameela had a conversation about Photoshop and retouching photos. “Ever take a selfie and immediately hate it? Well, apparently there’s a psychological reason. InStyle reports that it all boils down to expectations. When you first snap a selfie you have the highest expectation and you want the picture to be perfect…all of the sudden you look at it, you see imperfections, you’re disappointed, but if you let it go for a few days or weeks, guess what? It’s like sands through the hourglass. You no longer look at it with that kind of scrutiny…how do you think this happens and why, Jameela and Rossy?” Drew pondered on the show.

Via: Just Jared