Arnold Schwarzenegger Apologizes for Groping Women in Netflix Docuseries

Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone all-in on Netflix. First came FUBAR, a rollicking action-comedy series where the former Terminator stars as an aging CIA operative who embarks on one last mission with his daughter. And now there’s Arnold, a three-part docuseries directed by Lesley Chilcott that explores the 75-year-old icon’s journey from Austrian bodybuilder to Hollywood icon and California governor. In the film, Schwarzenegger is joined by pals like director James Cameron, co-stars Danny DeVito and Jamie Lee Curtis, and even his ‘80s rival Sylvester Stallone. “He’s the most competitive maniac I’ve ever met,” offers one of Schwarzenegger’s pals at the start of Arnold. And it’s this psychotic drive (and steroids, which he admits to pumping his body full of) that propelled Schwarzenegger to the top of the Hollywood food chain. There are a number of fun stories in Arnold, which runs around three hours, including how film producer Mike Medavoy initially wanted O.J. Simpson for the role of Terminator and Schwarzenegger as the rebel soldier Kyle Reese in The Terminator. During a meeting with Cameron at an L.A. restaurant, however, the filmmaker became convinced that the hulking former Mr. Universe would be perfect for the role of the time-traveling assassin. “During our conversation, it became clear that no one was really hooked to O.J. Simpson playing Terminator because he could not be sold as a killing machine,” jokes Schwarzenegger. The aging actor also shares a fun anecdote about wanting to change his celebrated Terminator line to “I will be back” because it sounded more machine-like, only to have Cameron reply, “Are you the writer? Well, then don’t tell me how to fucking write.”

Via: Rolling Stone