Christina Ricci Reveals She Was Threatened With a Lawsuit In Order To Do a Sex Scene a Certain Way

Christina Ricci says the entertainment business has really changed over the years. The 43-year-old Wednesday actress shared that when she was younger, she was threatened with a lawsuit because she refused to do a sex scene in a particular way. Now, the younger generation coming up in the business can do things differently. “It’s really great. Us older ladies talk about it all the time. It’s amazing to see that they don’t necessarily have to go through the things we had to go through. They’re able to say, ‘I don’t want to do this sex scene,’ ‘I’m not going to be naked,’” Christina said. “They can set boundaries for themselves, we were never able to do,” Christina told The View. In contrast, when she was coming up in the industry, things were very different. “Someone threatened to sue me once because I didn’t want to do a sex scene in a certain way,” Christina said. “It’s really changed,” she said of the industry. Christina also recently opened up about being depicted as the epitome of the “anti-It girl.”

Via: Just Jared