James Corden sings his heart out and dives into a mosh pit at pal Harry Styles' final concert in Italy

James Corden appeared to be having the time of his life on Saturday night while dancing in a mosh pit at his pal Harry Styles' concert. The former One Direction star, 29, has been on an epic two-year run of his Love On Tur shows, having played an incredible 169 dates in the last 23 months. His final show of the world tour concluded at the RCF Arena in Reggio Emilia, Italy, where James was filmed in the crowd by a fan. The TV personality, 44, was joined by Harry's managers Jeff Azoff and Tommy Bruce who were all singing along to Harry's hit song Medicine as well as One Direction's Best Song Ever. James even hyped up the crowd as he prepared to dance in the mosh pit with other partygoers. It seems that all Harry's hard work has certainly paid off as it's been said the shows have raked in a whopping £460million in revenue, with more figures to come. Harry ranks in fourth place behind major artists including Elton John, Ed Sheeran and Irish rockers U2, who all make up the top three of the Billboard Boxscore chart of the top 10 tours of all time. Topping the list is Elton, whose incredible 330-date Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour has earned him a cool £730million. While Ed Sheeran's Divide tour, in which he played 258 dates, garnered him £603million. U2 meanwhile bagged £573million from their 360° Tour after playing 110 shows. Other artists making up the top 10 include Guns N' Roses and Roger Walters, while incredibly, Coldplay and The Rolling Stones appear twice thanks to two successful tours each. Harry has embarked on a hugely successful solo career since releasing his first track Sign of the Times in 2017. He's since gone on to bag the fastest selling album of 2022, the Grammy award-wining Harry's House. James previously opened up about his friendship with superstar Harry in an interview on The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM. He was asked by Stern, 69, if he found it annoying as a celebrity to not command all of the attention in the room while in the presence of the Grammy-winning singer , 29. 'I didn't find it annoying in any way,' Corden said. 'I just think [Styles is] so special as a human, but actually, you don't have any of those feelings because... like there is someone who wants to embrace the world they're living in to the absolute best that he can and you never ever feel like that.' The U.K.-born funnyman and the One Direction alum have past vacationed together, which Stern asked Corden about. 'I don't know that I'd do well with Harry Styles and everybody in the f***ing resort is coming up and screaming his name, you know what I'm saying?' Stern said. 'Do you every deal with that?' Corden replied, 'I think it's good for me, I think anytime you can have a little bit of humbling is great so when someone comes up ... I'm like, "I get it." This is arguably the most desirable, famous man on the planet right now.' Corden said he has often taken photos of Styles and fans while on vacation and been noticed as an afterthought in the presence of the As It Was singer. He said that his times with Styles have been 'very, very good' and 'a positive thing in [his] life.' Corden said that on one getaway with the singer, he tried to follow Styles' nutritional path. 'When we went on this one vacation, I made this pact where I said, "I am only gonna eat when you eat. I'm gonna work out when you work out and I'm gonna eat what you eat and I think it's gonna have a really positive impact on me,"' he said. Corden continued: 'He was like, "OK" - I lasted 36 hours and I was like, "No, I'm out." Once I've had a drink, I'm like, "I should get some fries and I'm on holiday."'

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Via: Daily Mail