Jared Leto Directs Video for Thirty Seconds To Mars’ First Single in Five Years – Watch ‘Stuck’ & Song Meaning Revealed!

Thirty Seconds To Mars is back! The group, consisting of brothers Jared and Shannon Leto, released their newest single “Stuck” on Monday (May 8), described as the kick-off of a new Thirty Seconds To Mars era. The accompanying music video was directed by Jared: “Thanks to my incredibly creative mother, my brother and I were instilled with a love for art and photography from a very young age," he explains. "The video for STUCK, our first new song in five years, is a love letter to some of my favorite photographers. Artists who made a very deep impact on me like Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Robert Mapplethorpe, Diane Arbus, Herb Ritts and more. Artists whose work changed the way I saw things and showed me new possibilities at every turn." As far as the song, he says: “I wrote it from the perspective of a narrator who simply can’t help himself from plunging headfirst into what will likely be a doomed romance. ('The more I drift, the closer I get to you / She’s a ghost, and the truth it’s impossible / But I love her lies.'). It’s about knowing you need to get out but simply being unable to, whether that’s from fear or comfort or confusion, hence being ‘Stuck.'" Their sixth studio album, It’s The End Of The World But It’s A Beautiful Day, will be released this September. Find out what our most anticipated albums of 2023 are! Watch the video

Via: Just Jared