Jessica Biel on Justin Timberlake ‘Boyfriend’ Joke & His Re-Proposal!

“Extra’s” Melvin Robert chatted with executive producers Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple at the premiere for Season 2 of “Cruel Summer.” Jessica talked about her summer plans, sharing, “I don’t have any major plans. My son is just about to finish school in a few weeks, so we’re trying to get through that. I hope just a relaxing chill not too much travel summer hang out.” Mel teased, “Hanging out with your boyfriend?” Jessica joked, “Hanging out with my boyfriend, ya know.” Jessica laughed about how hubby Justin Timberlake was demoted to her “boyfriend” as part of a viral joke on TikTok – then re-proposed to her in her Instagram comments! “You just have to have fun and not take everything so seriously,” she said. “I think that’s what I’m learning and have learned as I’ve gotten older. And have good marriage goals… But don’t take everything so seriously. If you can laugh it off, you’re going to be alright.” Mel said he loves that Justin posts on TikTok and Jessica posts on Instagram, and Michelle poked fun, saying, “What we revealed is she doesn’t know how to do TikTok.” Jessica confessed, “I actually never TikToked before.” Not a lot of laughs, however, in the new season of Jessica's hit series "Cruel Summer.” Set in 1999, the show centers on a teen love triangle and a chilling mystery that would impact all of their lives forever. Jessica and Michelle talked about the show delivering major ‘90s nostalgia and said they were excited for people to see the ending. Robert asked, “What do you miss most about the ‘90s?” Biel replied, “I just sort of miss the simpler time. You could not find everybody at every moment. I could sort of do whatever I wanted and no one could find me. I had my pager.” Mel said, “A pager! Me, too!” Jessica insisted, “Of course I had a pager… 143, I knew all those codes. It was just simpler, easier, not so intense. There was no social pressure like there is now. And I think about these younger people coming up with all of that, and I wonder how they do it. It is hard.” And it is hard for the teens headed for a shock finale on the new season of "Cruel Summer.” Purple said, “Last year’s ending was solid and people responded very positively to it, and I think this year might top it.” Jessica said, adding, “I hope so.” “Cruel Summer” Season 2 premieres June 5 on Freeform and is streaming on Hulu the next day.

Via: Extra TV