Kate Bosworth Talks About Fiance Justin Long on His Ex-Girlfriend Drew Barrymore's Talk Show

Kate Bosworth is currently engaged to actor Justin Long, who used to be in a relationship with Drew Barrymore. Now, Kate and Drew are opening up about him during a new interview for The Drew Barrymore Show, airing on Thursday (May 11). “So we have a very important person in common. My very dear old friend Justin Long, a boyfriend, a dear friend, and he and Kate have found each other in this world and become this incredibly joyous, bonded, real deal, holding hands, the ultimate couple you root for,” Drew said. Kate replied, “That’s so sweet. He loves you so much. He just loves you so deeply.” Drew said, “So when we wanted to premiere season three, I like to do it with personal relationships and friends. I asked Justin if he would come on the show, and what was your response?” “I was with him when he got the ask,” Kate revealed. “And he was like, ‘Oh Drew wants me to go on her show,’ and I said, ‘You have to do it,’ I was like, ‘Yes, yes you have to do it.’ I was so excited, because I knew, there’s so much love between the two of you, and so much fun and wild, I always say that you guys were like in the tornado together. It’s the time in your life where you’re just like, ‘I want to feel, I wanna do everything,’ like be a part of the adventure in a wild way, which is so much fun, and he just loves you so much.” Kate and Justin revealed their sweet proposal story last month. Watch the video below!

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Via: Just Jared