Katy Perry Cries, Angrily Yells During School Shooting Survivor's 'American Idol' Audition: 'Our Country Has F-cking Failed Us'

Katy Perry is having a very raw reaction to a horrible situation. The 38-year-old singer and American Idol judge broke down into tears, emotionally and angrily yelling as contestant Trey Louis auditioned on Sunday night’s (February 27) episode. During the audition, 21-year-old mattress salesman Trey explained that he’s here at Idol to shed a different light on his hometown of Santa Fe, Texas. The town suffered a horrible school shooting in May of 2018, where he lost eight of his friends and two of his teachers. Upon hearing that, Katy absolutely broke down in tears in her seat. “Our country has f-cking failed us,” she yelled. “This is not okay! You should be singing here because you love music!” she angrily yelled. “Not because you had to go through that,” she continued, going into an expletive-filled rant. “You didn’t have to lose eight friends! I hope that you remind people that we have to change, because you know what? I’m scared too,” she cried. Watch the incredibly emotional moment inside.

Via: Just Jared