Kim Kardashian Shares Update on Legal Journey, Reveals If She's Still on Track to Becoming a Lawyer

Kim Kardashian is sharing an update on her journey to becoming a lawyer. For the past several years, the 42-year-old reality star has been working hard on studying to become a lawyer. After a few attempts, Kim revealed in May 2022 that she finally passed the baby bar exam. In a new interview, Kim shared an update on her legal journey, revealing if she’s still on track to becoming an attorney. While appearing on Today on Tuesday (May 16), Kim shared that she’s currently taking Constitutional Law 1 and 2, which she says are her two “toughest” classes. “But with that said, I took a midterm yesterday. I got 100 percent and then I got a 95 percent on my other midterm,” Kim revealed. “So I feel — that gives me that boost of confidence again just to push through.” Kim went on to say that she’s really hopeful and confident that she’ll be able to take the actual bar exam “in the next year or so.” For those unaware, in the state of California, you don’t need to have a law degree from a university to practice law. Kim also recently revealed if she would give up her career to become a full-time lawyer.

Via: Just Jared