Lady Gaga is spotted for the first time in costume as Harley Quinn as she films Joker sequel outside Trump grand jury courthouse in New York City

Lady Gaga vanished into her character when she was spotted for the first time as she filmed the upcoming Joker sequel in New York this week. Rumors have been flying for weeks that the 36-year-old pop act is playing Harley Quinn, the Joker's wild-spirited lover from the Batman comics. Her appearance on the set certainly did little to tamp down the conjecture, from her clownish makeup to her playing card-inspired costume. Moreover she could be glimpsed at one point during the scene carrying a large cardboard sign that read: 'JOKER MARRY ME.' In a dramatic twist, Saturday's shoot happened to take place outside the Manhattan courthouse playing host to the Trump grand jury, WNBC reports. The grand jury has attracted the attention of the world as it looks into allegations the former US President had hush money paid to porn star Stormy Daniels, who has accused him of having sex with her while married to his third wife Melania. Outside the courthouse another fraught scene was playing out, as Gaga's character was seen being restrained by police apparently during a protest. Demonstrators lined the stairway leading up to the courthouse, brandishing placards with slogans like: 'NO Justice NOT Guilty NOT Joking,' and 'FREE JOKER.' The previous movie in the franchise followed the transformation of a mentally disturbed, failed comedian into the serial killing supervillain Batman fans have come to know. At the end of the picture, the Joker is arrested and thrown in Arkham Asylum after going on late-night television, confessing to multiple murders and then shooting the host dead on the air. His arrest prompts riots to break out all over Gotham City, and it would appear from the scene being shot this Saturday that the public support for him continues into the sequel. The protestors in Saturday's scene had a distinct air of roleplay about them, with some of them wearing joker makeup, one hauling around a massive wooden cross and another dressed as the Grim Reaper with a scythe. In a hint at the incendiary nature of the protest scene, some of the policemen's costumes on Saturday included riot gear.

Via: Daily Mail