Mila Kunis is seen having breakfast with pal Lance Bass and his husband Michael Turchin as the couple bring their one-year-old twins

Mila Kunis, 39, was spotted having lunch with NSYNC's Lance Bass, 44, on an outdoor patio in Beverly Hills on Friday morning. The Bye Bye Bye singer's husband Michael Turchin and their one-year-old twins Violet and Alexander were also there. The That 70s Show alum was dressed very casually in a tan hoodie, matching sweatpants and white trainers. She had her raven hair pulled up into a bun. The It's Gonna Be Me hitmaker - who is working on a show with his friend Robbie Williams - wore a light blue hoodie with a picture of a golden retriever and a duck on it with grey jeans. The two stars were spotted hugging and laughing together as they are their meal while keeping the pop star's toddlers entertained. Mila and Lance go way back - just no one is sure how far back. In 2011 she starred in Friends With Benefits with Lance's bandmate Justin Timberlake. But they may go back even farther as back in 2007, when Lance's ex-boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl was spotted giving the Black Swan actress a poolside foot rub in Hawaii. Bass recently opened up to PopSugar about what it's like raising his 19-month old twins and revealed that he and his husband play them a lot of music throughout the day. 'They go to sleep to French lullabies. They watch Spanish 'Sesame Street' during the day,' he told the outlet. 'The kids are also huge fans of Selena's 'Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.' 'But I have not played them any *NSYNC thing stuff yet, which is very odd,' Bass admitted. 'They not knowingly say 'bye, bye, bye,' a lot when I'm leaving, but they have no idea that they're saying one of my songs.' 'I think every kid loves that, loves the dance to it,' he said of the hit song. 'I'll play them up-tempo stuff first and then we can rock them to sleep with God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You.' 'It's weird that they're even the age to enjoy it,' the This I Promise You singer added. And he revels in the small moments in his kids' days, including their bedtime routine of sharing a book. 'They really enjoy pop-up and peekaboo books, but you can't leave them alone with them because they just rip them out,' he admitted.. 'I learned that the hard way.' 'My favorite thing to do at night is we take a bath, read them a book, and then they start repeating after you,' he says. 'You say a word and they're trying to repeat it. It's so great to see them trying so hard,' adding that the twins are 'at the stage where they've picking up everything.'

Via: Daily Mail