Pamela Anderson Says She Was 'Run Over' By 'Pam & Tommy' Series, Recalls Brief Kid Rock Marriage, & More In New Interview

Pamela Anderson is opening up about what’s ahead for her as she prepares to release both her new memoir, and a Netflix documentary next week. During an interview on The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday (January 25), the 55-year-old actress told the host that she had a physical reaction to the experience of writing the book and working on the documentary. “It was crazy, but I had a physical reaction to telling my story,” she said, detailing that she gained weight in the process, but then lost it when it was finished. “It was almost like I was hanging onto something … it was some kind of protection.” Pamela added of the documentary: “I think this movie too is kind of like a love letter to their parents. They know they come from true love, they want people to see the real story, and I thought that was kind of cute and kind of charming … Brandon is very artistic and really wanted to show the story from a real, true, authentic perspective.” On her other relationships after Tommy Lee: “I don’t think I ever gave myself a chance to have another relationship after that that was of any value, you know, it was more like trying to put a family unit back together, but I wasn’t really in love. I just was going through the motions and then realizing … there’s just nothing like I had with Tommy … I was putting people in my life to kind of numb some of the pain and be with someone … but nothing healthy.” Referencing her brief marriage to Kid Rock, she added, “Right when I got married. I just jump into something because, you know, Tommy and I did, and we had this incredible connection. But then you jump into something and it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s not this incredible connection, it’s just something else. Then I slowly try to make my way out.” On Hulu’s Pam & Tommy and the impact of the sex tape: “It wasn’t a positive thing. It definitely took its toll on the relationship, it took its toll on my career, and people are still capitalizing off that.” As for the series, Pam added that she “felt kind of run over with that one,” she told Howard. “I don’t think they really portrayed Tommy or [me] positively … I’ve only heard that it was a very shallow kind of representation of us at that time … I wish they would have called.” On what she thinks of Tommy Lee’s marriage: “He’s married and happy and she’s good to him and I totally support that and think that’s great. I respect their relationship and just glad he’s happy and he has somebody in his life.”

Via: Just Jared