Prince Harry Clarifies His Quote About Killing 25 Taliban Fighters

Prince Harry shared what was “without a doubt” the most dangerous lie told about him by the media. The Duke of Sussex made the revelation while on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, promoting his new memoir “Spare.” “Perhaps, well not perhaps, without a doubt, the most dangerous thing they told is that I boasted about the number of people I killed in Afghanistan,” he told Stephen about the media’s coverage of him killing 25 Taliban fighters. “I should say, if I heard anyone boasting about that kind of thing, I would be angry. But it’s a lie. My words are not dangerous, but the spin of my words are very dangerous,” Prince Harry said. Harry said the goal in sharing that detail was to reduce the “number of suicides” among veterans. He said now that the book is out he hoped people would be able to see the details he shared in its proper context. “When I found myself plunged in the heat and confusion of combat I didn’t think of those 25 as people,” Harry wrote in “Spare.” “They were chess pieces removed from the board. Bad people eliminated before they could kill good people.” Prince Harry‘s book “Spare” has hit store shelves already, there are several moments between Harry and his brother Prince William that are going viral.

Via: Just Jared