Sam Smith's Music Video for 'I'm Not Here to Make Friends' Is Causing Controversy for Multiple Reasons, Including in the LGBTQ+ Community

Sam Smith‘s new music video for their song “I’m Not Here to Make Friends” is causing all kinds of controversy from multiple groups of people. The song is featured on Sam‘s new album Gloria, which was just released this past Friday. The video starts with Sam wearing a giant pink feathered robe while flying into the front yard of an estate on a helicopter. They wore the same robe during their Saturday Night Live performance earlier this month. Sam continues the video in a black tuxedo dress with a large headpiece and gives off Hello, Dolly vibes while descending the giant staircase. Later in the video, Sam and their dancers go scantily clad in corsets, nipple pasties, and a bedazzled jock strap. Water shoots at them, seemingly resembling a golden shower. While Sam swings from a chandelier, dancers in underwear are seen being intimate in bed. Multiple groups of people are taking issue with the video, including members of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s important to note that more people appear to be defending the video than taking hits at it.

Via: Just Jared