Sarah Jessica Parker mixes patterns in a floral coat and striped beaded blouse while filming And Just Like That in NYC

Sarah Jessica Parker stepped out in another boundary-pushing look while dressed in character as Carrie Bradshaw on set of And Just Like That on Wednesday afternoon. As she filmed on the streets of New York City, the six-time Golden Globe winner, 57, showed off her funky style in a beaded blue and striped blouse, a floral coat, white pleated skirt and a pink crossbody handbag. The mother-of-three completed her look with a textured belt, brown booties and two layered necklaces, including one with a sea shell pendant. While strutting down the street as her blonde tresses blew gently in the wind, the Sex and the City star carried her essentials in a beige tote bag, which read: 'Out getting ribs.' At one point, Parker was seen chatting on the phone as cameras filmed her every step. Her latest sighting comes just one day after shooting a scene with John Corbett, who played her on-and-off boyfriend and later fiancé Aidan Shaw on seasons three and four of Sex and the City. Their on-screen reunion comes 13 years after he last played the role of the lovable furniture designer in the much-derided 2010 film, Sex And The City 2. While filming, his character was not wearing a wedding ring, which may indicate he is no longer with on-screen wife Kathy. The last viewers saw of Aidan was back in Sex And The City 2, when he and Carrie unexpectedly crossed paths in Abu Dhabi. The pair arranged to meet for dinner - despite Charlotte's warnings that Carrie was 'playing with fire' - and shared a clandestine kiss after flirting over appetizers. Fans were left shocked when the previously loyal Aidan cheated on his furniture-designing spouse - with whom he had sons Tate, Homer, and Wyatt. Consumed by guilt, Carrie abandoned Aidan at his hotel, and quickly told husband Big, who ghosted her, before presenting her with a black diamond engagement ring. She later told Charlotte the kiss made her realize how she used to be, 'desperate, needy and chasing after a guy who didn't want me' - referring to Big's toxic and gaslighting behavior towards her in the six seasons and first film, where he jilted her, John portrayed Carrie's former boyfriend and later on, her fiancé, in season three and season four of the hit HBO series. The pair first met in his furniture store before striking up a romance which left Carrie 'freaked out' due to how smoothly their relationship was going. She later had a three-week affair with Mr. Big - then married to the much-younger Natasha Naginsky - before breaking it off and telling a heartbroken Aidan, who promptly dumped her. In season four they met once more at the opening of Aidan and Steve Brady's bar, Scout, with Carrie begging a dismissive Aidan for another chance. After they reignited their romance following a passionate one-night stand, her refusal to cut Big out of her life put strain on the romance. A smitten Aidan later proposed to an unsure Carrie, who accepted but would only wear her engagement ring on a chain around her neck. Their romance ended once and for all in season four where she admitted she wasn't ready to marry Aidan. He was seen one last time in season six, when Carrie ran into him and his baby son, with Aidan revealing he had married a fellow furniture designer. And Just Like That... has followed Carrie's journey as she moves on with her life following the death of her true love Big - leaving the path open for her to reignite romance with Aidan. She was last known to have been dating her podcast producer Franklyn. In 2021, when season one of the Sex And The City sequel was in the works, the actor had teased he would be in the reboot. However, to the fans' dismay, he never appeared in any of the episodes. AJLT writer Julie Rottenberg and executive producer Michael Patrick King later told Deadline: 'John Corbett should be writing personal apology notes. We didn't say anything.'

Via: Daily Mail