There’s A Huge Surprise Cameo In The Upcoming ‘The Flash’ Movie, Final Trailer Released – Watch Now!

The upcoming The Flash movie stars Ezra Miller, but many other big names are in the movie too. In February, it was revealed that Ben Affleck's Batman would be teaming up with the superhero as well as another iconic Batman, Michael Keaton. But now, another huge surprise cameo has been revealed by director Andy Muschietti. Nicolas Cage will be making a cameo in The Flash as Superman! “Nic was absolutely wonderful,” Andy told Esquire Middle East. “Although the role was a cameo, he dove into it…I dreamt all my life to work with him. I hope I can work with him again soon.” “I dreamt all my life to work with him. I hope I can work with him again soon,” Andy said. “He is a massive Superman fan. A comic book fanatic.” In fact, Nic named his son Kal-El, a reference to Superman’s original name on his home planet of Krypton. Last month, Andy talked about his star Ezra Miller's recent controversies amid their complex mental health issues. In terms of creative direction, he said they were always very much aligned. “Ezra and I were always on the same page regarding the character. We wanted to make Barry Allen and the Flash fully formed characters, with a broad range of emotions. Christina Hodson wrote script that we both loved, and Ezra and I molded the character together,” Andy said. The Flash will be released in theaters June 16 and just released its final trailer. In March, Nic premiered his most recent movie, Renfield at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Via: Just Jared