Video: Kendall Jenner and her best friend Hailey Bieber leave a hot pilates class in Los Angeles... after ringing in the new year in Aspen with Kylie

Kendall Jenner and her best friend Hailey Bieber are back to working out after enjoying a wild weekend in Aspen to ring in 2023. The Vogue models were seen with damp hair and workout clothing on as they left a hot pilates class at Get Hot inside Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Classes cost $40 each. They walked one after another to their cars in the parking lot as they failed to crack a smile on the rainy afternoon. Kendall wore a navy blue bra top with matching high-waisted leggings as she added a chocolate brown leather jacket that was worn open. The cover girl also had on white sneakers with matching socks. And the ex of Devin Booker pulled her wet hair back in a messy bun as she added sunglasses and a face mask. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians veteran looked distracted as she focused on her cell phone while walking to her vehicle. Also in her hands was a large cherry red water bottle. Hailey looked like she had just stepped out of the Matrix as she had on an oversized black leather coat with a heavy collar and a belt. Underneath the wife of Justin Bieber had on black workout clothing and she added black slippers. The star wore her dark brown hair down and she added very thin sunglasses as her hands were full with a cell phone, a water bottle and a Thermos. Oddly, she had on her massive diamond engagement ring from Justin which seems like a very pricey piece of jewelry to wear to a workout session. This comes after Kendall partied with Hailey, her husband Justin, as well as sister Kylie Jenner in Aspen. Also along was Kylie's daughter Stormi and her best friend Stassie Baby. Kendall and Hailey were seen not only heading to dinner with the group, but also hitting the slopes. They were spotted flying back to Los Angeles on Monday. Kendall appears to still be single. In late November it was claimed she didn't have an 'awful breakup' with Devin Booker.

Via: Daily Mail