Will There Be Any 'Succession' Spinoffs? Here's What HBO Said About The Possibility

With just a few days until the series finale of HBO‘s Succession, the question on everyone’s mind is if there are any spinoffs in the works. The long-running series centered on billionaire Logan Roy, who runs a tight ship at the international media company he owns. But when it comes to his complicated family, he struggles to keep the dysfunction at bay, especially as the next generation vies for control of the business. In a new interview, HBO addressed if the series will indeed get any spinoffs at the moment. And the answer is…no. “I know there was some talk about spinoffs, but no, not at all,” Francesca Orsi, who is HBO’s head of drama, shared with Deadline. She added that while “I’ll never say never but my instinct and based on a number of conversations about the evolution of Succession and these characters, at this stage, there is no intention of spinning any one character off.” “Jesse [Armstrong, showrunner], should he do a series again, I think it will be entirely original. Whether it’s based on IP or not, I’m not sure, but it will be a new show, a new idea entirely.” Succession‘s series finale will air on Sunday, May 28, starting at 9 p.m. Find out just how long it will be here.

Via: Just Jared